Our Holistic Approach

     Grounded Soul Wellness has been in business for almost 10 years. We have made wonderful changes in what services we offer and the way we take care of our clients. We have always had our clients' best interest at heart and will always continue to do so. 
     We want to help you understand our holistic approach and the benefits of our services. We have thoughtfully and methodically put together therapeutic modalities that compliment one another and completely support your body/mind/spirit connection. 
     Our holistic approach begins with Myofascial Release. This technique is unique in the fact it goes deeper and is more effective in treating the whole person by restoring movement and function in your body. It builds and supports your body/mind awareness and it gets to the root cause of your symptoms.  
     We also offer Infrared Sauna sessions. Infrared warms you from the inside out and helps reduce inflammation in your body. It also can help with increasing circulation and oxygen. 
     Recently we started offering CBD infused treatments and offering wonderful CBD products. CBD is wonderful in supporting your body and can be very beneficial. We will continue to provide more education in the near future. 

“It matters not which ROUTE we take traveling the path towards healing. What matters is that we arrive at our destination.” 

― Jennifer Ritchie Payette


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