What Is Fascia?

     Fascia is the glue that holds everything together in your body. It starts underneath the skin, goes through the muscles, around the blood vessels/veins and nerves. It even holds and supports out internal organs. And it also sits between our skull and brain. 

     "The fascial system is the only whole-body system, covering, interpenetrating and controlling every structure, system and cell of our body. It is a glide system, a system of communication, functioning like a fiber optic carrying an enormous amount of information and energy throughout our mind-body."  (1)

     When the fascia becomes restricted, it inhibits movement and function in the body. Blood flow, nerve function, and oxygen are slowed down. And all soft tissue is effected as well. 

     "When we are traumatized, fascial restrictions can create a tensile strength of approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. This is the equivalent of two full-grown horses standing on a nerve." (2)

     This is why when we work on Fascia, we allow it to open up. We cannot force it open. And when we allow it to open, we are creating permanent changes in the tissue and restoring function and movement. 

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