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I've been a client of Kaley for quite awhile. She has been exactly what I've needed in a massage therapist. Last year in January, I had surgery on my foot and was in a boot for several months. I choose to have Kaley work on my foot rather than the usual physical therapy, which was extremely painful. Kaley uses Myofascial Release (MFR) which is gentle and gets the same results with little or no pain. This January I broke three ribs. Kaley started working on my ribs 4 days after they were broken. In six weeks I was moving freely again. With MFR and massage, she has helped me with headaches, tight muscles and many other aches and pains life has thrown at me. I highly recommend Kaley. Meet with her, discuss issues and treatment or just get a great massage and unwind. Thanks for everything Kaley! You're the best!

Carla F.

Kaley is amazing. I have had her work on me during numerous marathon training cycles, and she has been a life (and leg) saver! She has a great knowledge base of body systems and works hard to address all the issues to keep you in balance. She knows exactly what your body needs at that particular moment-- whether it's restorative, deep tissue, etc-- but she also listens to you and meets your needs. She has worked on my husband as well, and we both think she's the best!

Sonja D.

I was just stiff and sore from working construction, so I was recommended to get a massage from Kaley. I've had a few massages in the past, and it always left me feeling kind of ripped off, as it felt kinda good, but didn't really do much for me. So I decided to try again, and the results from Kaley were amazing. I had a stiff shoulder, and she used her talents to loosen up the muscle, and the results were almost instantaneous. Am trying to become a regular, as this is the massage that I always had pictured in my head when I thought of massages. I actually left kind of light headed, it felt that good. 
So if you're looking for one of the finest massages around, look no further. This woman is the real deal. There are no accolades to describe her work, I just felt more reinvigorated when she was done then I would have that possible.

Karl W.

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